Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sally Hansen Nasturtium

I'm back! I promise to start catching up on everything today.

This is another vintage Sally Hansen in the wonderful square bottle. Nasturtium came out with the Spring 2009 collection, but it's a color that goes well with the current New England landscape. It's an interesting shade of orange that has a suggestion of pink to it. The formula applies beautifully and was perfect in two coats.

Here's one of the great views I got to enjoy this weekend. (Click on it for the full-sized picture.)

That's a yak grazing down in the field!


  1. Oh how beautiful new England is this time of year! I grew up in the adirondacks and it's just breathtaking! Where is this taken? Your nails are so pretty and this color is not so bad!

  2. I love the color, lovely orange-coral.
    Where did you find yaks in New England?

  3. The pic was taken at a place in western Mass. called Tregelly's Fiber Farm. They have yaks, a couple camels (!), some pigs, geese, and an emu among other things. The farm is at the top of a hill and has this spectacular view.

  4. I love New England! I used to visit Vermont every year around this time and it quickly grew to be my favorite place. This color looks amazing - like a New England Lobster :)

  5. Look at those leaves getting ready to go berserk! What a view, you're living it up... with mighty pretty orange nails today. :)

  6. Ms. Strong,
    super cool...Camels!!???...I need to visit it, it's not that far from me:) Thanks