Saturday, October 29, 2011

OPI William Tell Me About OPI

My manicure today is this super dark, vampy red from the Fall 2010 Swiss Collection. William Tell Me About OPI basically looks black in low lighting, but if you were to hold your nails up to something actually black, you would see a difference.

The formula for this color is quite nice, and I had no trouble controlling the application. Two coats gave opaque coverage. These pictures are without topcoat, so you can see the finish is very glossy even on its own. I think this color has a very rich, luxurious feel.


  1. Nice classic vampy polish, although I do prefer Lincoln Park After Midnight; it has a shimmer that gives it a tad more depth.

  2. I love dark cream polishes...William Tell Me About OPI looks great. Perfect for the fall :)

  3. I just found your blog, following now as I love your pics & your nails :-)
    Lately, I'm totally into all these dark, vampy shades, they're sooo pretty for fall & winter.
    So your pics made me lemming WTMAO :-D

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  5. Very pretty! Seen this color on Pinterest and I felt like I should have it so I'm gonna try an get it...can't wait to wear it on my nails! I am usually the type that wears brighter colors all year around but for some reason there's been a change in me LOL I am feeling more of the fall and winter color scheme right now so no really bright colors for me until late spring early summer. This color for me is a must have...I like that vampy dark look yet still a dash of color to it.