Friday, October 28, 2011

OPI Red is actually pretty great!

You could say OPI is notorious for making too many reds. Sometimes it seems like half their seasonal collection is variations on the shade. (Although very recently they have been laying off the excess reds.) I understand why they make red, it's THE classic shade for nail polish and I'm sure it sells better than any other color besides sheer pink. I think OPI considers red to be somewhat of a brand signature, and I have to give them credit for doing a very good job with their extravagant array of red polishes. And if red is their signature color, OPI Red must be their signature red. It looks boring in the bottle, but once it was on my nails it really started to win me over.

I started to warm to this color when I was applying the first coat. This polish really almost applies itself. It flows easily and absolutely refuses to be anything but perfect and streak-free. It's not quite opaque enough in one coat, otherwise you would not need to apply a second one at all. In addition, it dried quickly. It has a hidden shimmer that you can just see when it catches the sunlight. This shade is well balanced between warm and cool tones. Given how easily it applies and how quickly it dries, OPI Red is the most convenient red I've ever tried. It also looks pretty classy, too!