Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nubar 2010 VS Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Here's a comparison of two very similar flaky topcoats: Nubar 2010 and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I chose purple and red as the base polishes because I think each one brings out different colors from the iridescent flakes.

Purple: Orly Charged Up; Red: Sally Hansen Cerise Noir.

I also compared the two flakies over another pair of purple and red polishes which are slightly lighter. To be honest, I'm not really sure what my logic was at the time. How is this more helpful than the last picture? Who knows! But I might as well show you all the pictures I took in case it might be useful somehow! =)

Purple: OPI Funky Donkey; Red: OPI Manicurist of Seville.

One of my first observations is that Nubar 2010 is not quite as dense as Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. It's a very subtle difference, but still there. I'm not sure if this is because HT has more flakes packed into the formula, or if it's due to the overwhelming mop-like brush that the Complete Salon Manicure has. I definitely prefer Nubar's brush to Sally Hansen's. Aside from that, I think the two polishes are basically identical. They both seem to have the same spectrum of iridescence and react to the light in the same ways.

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure was a limited edition release a couple years ago, but Nubar 2010 is available on their website for $7.50. The ease of obtaining 2010 is another point in its favor, I think!


  1. I have a couple of HT since I could tell it was a run-away color. I'm going to go with HT because my rule is: the more the merrier. (flakies that is) :D

  2. I think I like HT better! but 2010 is obviously still gorgeous

  3. Yeah, definitely looks like the density is the defining factor -- will always love holo flakies like this though, you can't go wrong either way!

  4. I'm glad there is not much difference since I only got 2010 and can't get HT, sorry if I put this twice I couldn't tell if it went through..

  5. I prefer Nubar's 2010 for some reason. I don't like the flakies covering all over the nail like Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure does.

  6. I wasn't able to get the HT but I've got the 2010 and love it.