Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful

Here's a polish I picked up in CVS last week for about $2. Wet n Wild is a pretty awesome brand; they make nice polishes and they're very affordable. The Gold & The Beautiful is basically just dense gold glitter. I swatched it with three coats. It covers pretty well, but the nail line is still visible.

I think this polish is best for layering. You could layer it over a gold foil if you just wanted extra blingy gold nails. I layered one medium coat over four different colors to get a sense of the possibilities. (Index: Misa Heaven White; Middle: Wet n Wild Black Crème; Ring: Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune; Pinky: Zoya Mimi.)

This is definitely not a delicate gold shimmer, as you can see. I also think this polish would work very well for adding gold sparkle to a frankenpolish. If I can find an empty bottle, I may come up with something!


  1. Gorgeous polish! I love it over the teal one :) You pics are fab too !

  2. Ooo! Pretty, I like it layered best over Mimi!

  3. I passed this up... now I regret it. It looks awesome on you!!!! MUST HAVE!!! :D

  4. @tasha~ — Thank you!

    @thalie — I definitely have a weak spot for gold and purple combos.

    @Pinupcherrymakeup — Luckily it seems to be part of the permanent line, so you can probably still find it!