Friday, September 16, 2011

OPI Tease-y Does It fits today's weather

This polish was released for last year's Burlesque holiday collection, but the color makes me think of fall. It's not officially autumn yet, but the weather today is cool and crisp. I included an excessive number of pictures because this polish is complex and changes subtly with the light.

It has magenta flecks of shimmer in a charcoal base. It also has more sparsely distributed gold flecks. It's a little thick to apply, but covers nicely in two coats. And sadly the dazzling duochrome is only visible in the bottle and does not transfer to the nail. However, it's still very sparkly under the sunlight. This polish reminds me of China Glaze Side-Saddle, but they are not identical. Side-Saddle has a little more purple/plum in its base color, and all gold shimmer.


  1. Oh... oh my... that is LOVE-LY, I gotta get some!

  2. Isn't it? Hopefully it's till available somewhere convenient!