Monday, January 23, 2012

Revlon Bewitching VS Chanel April

Hello everyone! My January class is all finished, and I hope to get back to more blogging finally.

I have swatches of a new Revlon polish called Bewitching, which is not to be confused with the classic Revlon shade Bewitching Bordeaux. Bewitching is a lovely rose red creme that was released for this spring. The formula is just right, and applies smoothly. I used two coats for total opacity.

The moment I spotted Bewitching in the display it reminded me of Chanel April (full review here) and I wondered if I'd found the latest drugstore dupe. However, once I had the bottles side by side it was obvious they were different shades. You can see April is a much more muted rose, with more brown in it.

I think Bewitching is a perfect springtime version of red. It really reminds me of flowers.


  1. I was thinking about buying this for my bday in April- but just not sure I am loving it to pay that price!

    1. I agree, the polish alone is not exactly worth more than $5-10. It's lovely and easy to apply and all that, but so are countless drugstore and salon polishes. When I buy Chanel polishes I get them at the boutique where you get the royal treatment to go along with your purchase. That to me is the reason one buys luxury items like this -- for the experience and feelings that go along with it. It just depends if you personally get enough out of it to make it worthwhile! Alternatively, perhaps someone can get it for you as a birthday gift. =)

  2. I thought the same thing and bought bewitching but was disappointed when I swatched it. Still, a nice color. I thought April would be easiest of the 3 to dupe. I had heard Revlon Raisin Rage was a dupe but that is an older color, plus the swatches I have seen are too purplish brown for April. The one I found that seems a match is Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle in Beautiful Berry. I can't wait to go to the dept store to swatch April and see if I am right!